Automatic Glass Doors

Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

Automatic Glass Sliding Doors, particularly glass sliding doors, offer a harmonious blend of form and function. Beyond their practical utility, these doors add a touch of elegance to any space. Let’s delve into the features that make glass sliding doors a sought-after choice:

Automatic Glass Doors

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Glass sliding doors provide more than just visibility; they elevate the overall aesthetics of a room. Their transparency allows glimpses into well-designed interiors, making them a captivating feature for visitors.
  2. Functional Efficiency: These doors excel in functionality. Sensor-equipped automatic sliding doors facilitate seamless entry and exit. You can easily customize their operation timing to suit specific needs. Maintenance is hassle-free, ensuring smooth long-term use.
  3. Status Symbol: In corporate settings, glass sliding doors have become a symbol of prestige. Their sleek design and transparency convey professionalism and modernity.
  4. Versatility: Glass sliding doors find favor in various contexts, including commercial buildings, shopping complexes, offices, and corporate spaces. They also serve as internal doors between adjacent areas within industries.
  5. Customization: Our state-of-the-art facility designs and manufactures these doors. Whether you opt for sensor-driven automation or manual operation, smart drives and controls ensure easy assembly and programming.

Features of Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

  1. High-Speed Operation: Our glass sliding doors are designed for frequent use, opening and closing smoothly at adjustable speeds ranging from 100 to 450 mm/sec.
  2. Robust Top-Mounted Track: The heavy-duty top-mounted track, equipped with a timing belt, ensures reliable performance. No bottom obstructions allow seamless movement.
  3. Panel Versatility: Choose from a variety of standard and economical panel options to suit your building’s structural requirements. Whether pre-coated paneled or a combination of aluminum sheets and glazing, customization is key.
  4. Vertical EPDM Rubber Seal: Our automatic glass sliding doors feature a vertical EPDM rubber seal, enhancing weather resistance and energy efficiency.
  5. Interlocking Facility: These doors offer interlocking capabilities, ensuring secure closure between adjacent doors.
  6. Safety Integration: For added safety, consider incorporating radar detectors, push buttons, loop detectors, or remote controls into the control system.

Applications of Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

Healthcare Facilities

  • Hospitals: Automatic doors ensure hygienic passage for visitors, patients, doctors, and caregivers.
  • Clinics and Medical Centers: Convenient access points for patients and staff.

Hospitality Industry

  • Hotels: Impress guests with a prestigious and welcoming entrance.
  • Restaurants and Cafés: Create a comfortable and stylish entryway.

Retail Stores and Malls

  • Shopping Complexes: Guide shoppers into stores seamlessly.
  • Supermarkets: Enhance customer experience at entrances.

Corporate Offices and Commercial Buildings

  • Office Complexes: Modernize entrances and convey professionalism.
  • Corporate Lobbies: Add elegance and functionality.

Educational Institutions

  • Schools and Colleges: Improve accessibility for students, staff, and visitors.
  • Universities: Facilitate smooth movement in busy corridors.

Transportation Hubs

  • Airports and Train Stations: Manage high traffic flow with simultaneous two-way movement.
  • Bus Terminals: Efficient entry and exit points.

Residential Buildings

  • Apartment Complexes: Elevate the entrance experience for residents.
  • Gated Communities: Combine security and convenience.

Industrial and Manufacturing Units

  1. Factories and Warehouses: Streamline movement within large spaces.
  2. Production Areas: Enhance safety and productivity.

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