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Product Category: Architectural Glass

Ceramic Back Painted Glass

The kind of glass that is sleek and provides hygienic surface that is easy to clean

If you’re looking for a versatile and modern solution to enhance your building’s aesthetics, ceramic back painted glass might be the perfect fit for you. This type of glass offers a sleek, uniform appearance that can be customized to suit your design preferences.

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Bent Glass

The Ideal solution for creating custom architectural unique designs.

When it comes to architectural glass, the possibilities are endless. One type of glass that has been gaining popularity in recent years is bent glass.

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Insulated Glass ( Double Glazing Glass )

Insulated Glass, often called double glazing, is a combination of two or more panes of glass spaced apart with a spacer bar and hermetically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single unit with one or more air spaces in between. IG units improve the thermal performance, thus significantly reducing heating and air-conditioning costs. IG units also reduce interior condensation in cold climates, and increase comfort near windows, thus maximizing the usable interior space.

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Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass offers superior safety and security features, making it ideal for high-risk areas.

Glass is an integral part of modern architecture, and, due to its versatility, it is used in a wide variety of applications. One of his glasses that has gained popularity in recent years is laminated glass. Let us show you about laminated glass, its features, benefits, and applications.

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Toughened Glass

Another type of glass that is widely used in construction and design is toughened glass. Let’s explore toughened glass, its features, benefits, and applications.

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass that is four to five times stronger than ordinary glass. It is made by heating annealed glass to a temperature of approximately 620°C and then cooling it rapidly with a jet of cold air. This process, called quenching, creates a compressive stress layer on the surface of the glass and tensile stress in its core. This makes toughened glass more resistant to mechanical stress, thermal shock, and impact.

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